My favourite restaurants in Manchester

My favourite restaurants in Manchester

I’m going to attempt to make lists from my choice of places to eat. This will be my first. As you know already, I love eating but I just luuurve eating out. It’s the whole experience I like: the decor (including themed/decorated toilets), looking at the menu, getting great service (more about that another time!), delighting in how the food looks, the atmosphere of the place and of course, how the food tastes! Here are my favourite 4 restaurants to dine at in Manchester and why they made the list (in no particular order):

Rose Garden, 218 Burton Road, M20 2LW

This is the second restaurant ever to make my ‘favourite’ list. Rose Garden opened in 2011, when I was living the young professional life in the final months of my PhD in West Didsbury. I remember anticipating their opening, instantly mentally pencilling it as the venue of my next social engagement. And that Christmas, I booked our lab Christmas lunch there too! I love it because it’s a pretty, minimalist looking restaurant serving great tasting and good looking dishes. There’s an early bird set menu that used to be great cheap and is still great value for good quality ingredients and cooking (it’s currently 2 course for £18; 3 for £21). The service is relaxed but always excellent.

Clam chowder with cod wrapped in bacon from Rose Garden


Evelyn’s Café Bar, G18 Smithfield Building, Tib Street, M4 1NB

Evelyn’s in the Northern Quarter is the latest addition to my list of favourite restaurants because it’s very stylish and serves a menu of trendy healthy food that I’ve only had at Granger & Co. in Kings Cross, which was overpriced. I’m not saying it’s cheap at Evelyn’s either. They are quite pricey but their portions are not skimpy. It’s just a nice, quiet space with all their dangling plants and large windows, perfect for weekend brunch or lunch catching up with friends.

Mackerel with green curry and black rice from Evelyn’s Café Bar


The Great Kathmandu, 140-144 Burton Road, M20 1JQ

This was the first restaurant I went to when I moved to Burton Road in 2006 and it was my first every ‘favourite restaurant’! It was my local treat-yourself-go-eat-out place. I even had my birthday meal there 3 years in a row and there was never a complaint. Their service is fantastic and their Nepalese curries are really delicious. What won me over on my first visit was their naan bread. They have fluffy naan bread with slight crispy edges. And you know what goes really well with their naan bread? Their korma sauce – go ahead and ask for a side of it as your starter! My favourite is the lamb karahi. Book ahead as they’re very popular!


Northern Soul Grilled Cheese, Church Street Market, M4 1PN

This is my latest ‘you must go!’ recommendation! It’s cheap, great value, and you get perfect grilled cheese sandwiches EVERY time. They have a menu that they change frequently, great music and a really good vibe. They staff are really on it and they look like they have fun doing their job, which is a really infectious feeling. The grilled cheeses are perfectly crispy and not overly greasy. I would recommend one with mustard inside. And I love it that they have proper Yorkshire tea too!

Mamma’s Loaf grilled cheese from Northern Soul Grilled Cheese


So, here it is, my favourite restaurants (April 2016). I really wanted to put five down but there are so many good ones that it was difficult to pick out one from these and place them here. Also, I’ve yet to visit many restaurants in Manchester and with there being 27 brand new ones this year, I need to keep the top spots for the really special ones! For a look at the ones I have tried, visit my Yelp page.



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