How to Live in Denmark podcast

Just a quick update to say that there is definitely never a good time to take a holiday or plan a move in science!  I’m due to finish on Thursday at the Wellcone Trust Centre for Cell-Matrix Research and move to the Institute of Sports Medicine in Copenhagen. It’s very exciting but the science I’ve been doing here has also started to get really amazing and there’s loads to do, e.g. another in the night experiment planned for tomorrow night! The results will be soooo exciting whatever they turn out to be! Eeeek! So, how am I getting ready for the big move? I’ve been listening to Kay Xander Mellish’s How to Live in Denmark podcast, which consists of short episodes that have some interesting tips about essentials to bring (money, apparently), how Danes do things (start by adding week numbers to your calendar because they will refer to them – actually experienced this already!), and the most recent episodes have some good advice on how to get a job in Denmark… If you want to join me!

I’m squeezing in my move prep by listening to podcasts!

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