My first day in København

My first day in København

What I’ve learnt from my big move to København (pronounced cur-ben-howm) so far…

Bike transport on plane:

  • Withington Cycles is probably the nicest bike shop in the whole of Manchester – They gave my old German bike an MOT and when there wasn’t anything actually to fix, they didn’t take my money. And when asked if they had a spare bike box and they didn’t have one, they went to the store room and opened up a brand new bike to give us the box it came in!
  • Easyjet charged me only £35 to bring my bike – My boyfriend helped me fit my bike into the box: both wheels, seat, handlebars, one of the pedals (couldn’t get the other one off) and back dynamo light had to come off
  • You might want to partiall deflate your tires – I didn’t do this but my tyres are leaky anyway but my new Copenhagen flat mate suggested I add it as a tip to reduce risk of damage to your bike
  • Manchester Airport charges £1 or €2 to use a trolley
  • Bike and any other oversized luggage are collected from Copenhagen Airport ‘carousel’ 9 – It’s not a carousel but more of a hatch where they leave buggies and bikes
  • A Python branded bike box is much amusement for taxi drivers – see picture below
  • Putting the bike together is not that hard – But do look online to see how the back wheel is suppose to go back on in relation to the chain! Forward thinking!

Living in Copenhagen:

  • Not many people at work during summer – True to what I learnt from the How to Live in Denmark podcast I mentioned previously most people take a 3-week vacation during these summer months
  •  24-hour tourist ticket will get you around before you get on your bike – I needed to get around town and I hadn’t put my bike together yet, or bought a helmet, or had the desire to cycle in the rain so I got myself a one-day travel card from the machine (which has an English option) for 130 DKK (~£15) which will get you on the bus, train and Metro
  • Still getting the hang of supermarkets – At the moment, I live in close vicinity of three different supermarket chains: Fakta (one of the discount supermarkets), Meny and Irma (both of which are considered ‘posh’ supermarkets) according to the Dejlige Days blog. Still figuring out what my new essentials are going to be. I have bought myself some spelt flakes instead of bran flakes as it’s a bit of a Danish food fad to eat spelt
  • Weather is a bit like Manchester – So far, the weather is quite similar
Withington Cycles saved the day with this bike box
A view of the bridge, Øresundsbron, from the plane
Found my bike box intact at carousel 9!
Our taxi driver found it hilarious that he had a big snake in his taxi
Bispebjerg Hospital – new lab home

Want to read more, check out my first week summary.

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