Copenhagen Week 28*

Copenhagen Week 28*

So, I’ve been in Copenhagen for a week! It’s a slow start at work and I’ve not headed into the city centre yet but I’m falling in love with this lovely city! Here’s an update of what I’ve been up to this last week.

Monday – With the help of my boyfriend and my new flatmate I got my bike to Copenhagen.

Tuesday – I registered at the Statsforvaltningen (State Administration) in order to get my EU residency permit. I also put my bike back together all by myself!


Wednesday – I got taken to the work canteen! I’ll have to check if it’s listed on Yelp and review it!

On my way to the canteen

Thursday – A Danish PhD student from the lab invited me to join her and friends at the Berlin Bar to watch Germany lose to France. Sad times.

Friday – Made the obligatory trip to Ikea.

Saturday – Got take out sushi from Sushi Familie – It was good and it was made right in front of me. I will deffo go again!

The ‘Luxury Menu’

Sunday – I went for a short run! A lovely new Scottish friend invited us to join her for traditional Danish pork roast Flæskesteg and it was delicious! During the France v Portugal final I was introduced to the Danish dice game Mia.

Monday – My EU residency permit came through the post and I visited my local municipality to obtain my CPR number (which is like the Danish equivalent of a social security or national insurance number) and a NemID. I also discovered that I can run to the amusement park, Bakken.

Tuesday – I conquered the resident’s basement laundrette, with the help getting change from the local bakery. And we went for a cycle ride to the Charlottenlund seaside. Good week, I think!


Read the next update here.

*‘Why Week 28?’ You say. Well, I learnt from the How to Live in Denmark podcast which I’ve been listening to that Danes love to use week numbers. So obviously I googled how to add week numbers into my calendars on my phone and laptop. And it’s so true! My new boss told me that some profs I should speak to are around when I arrive and put “week 27” in brackets. That was last week so this week is week 28!


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