Belated update from March

Belated update from March

It’s May and I’ve finally got some time to give you my long overdue ​update from March! It was a hectic month and since then I have been able to catch up with most of my friends in person so the urgency for writing the update decreased over time. Still, it’s nice to show you some photos and tell you what’s been going down!

Hectic because we’ve moved apartments (again)!

The major contributing factor to a stressful March was having to move apartments. We were moving even though we liked our apartment in Amager because:

1. We were paying a bit more than we should be, and due to the nature of short fixed-term contracts in science we were not sure what will happen to my flatmate’s Copenhagen stay after July, I didn’t want to be in a position where I am rushed to take the first available one-bedroom apartment in the summer! Moving to my colleagues flat short term will give me until the autumn to (hopefully) find my long term home in Copenhagen!

2. We had a very inconsiderate and noisy neighbour. After we wrote him a polite letter about the issue there was no change in noise levels or in the time he played his rubbish music so we complained to our landlord. They then wrote him a letter and on receipt of said letter, he confronted my flatmate and was really aggressive. After this happened, we were so glad that we only had to put up with him for the rest of the month!

With moving comes moving stress. We had flat inspections to check out the place for any damages, short notices for flat viewings where we would have to make sure the flat was presentable (and this isn’t easy when we’re trying to start packing up), and replacing broken things with a trip to IKEA, at the opposite end of the city, on a Sunday. Cue ‘dreaded look’ emoji.

Now we live in the edgy and more colourful part of Copenhagen called Nørrebro. I’m two minutes from work! I’m going to have to find an alternative to cycling as my form of exercise! A massive shout out to my boyfriend, my work BFF, my new ‘landlord’ colleague and my bestie from Danish class without any of whom my move would not have happened at all. Thanks for all the heavy lifting and most of all the emotional support during a stressful time!



At work I lacked motivation and optimism. Experiments are kinda working, but not working well enough for me to move forwards and I had to rethink how (logistically) to use a different technique. Lucky for me my work BFF was able to help me find a bit of kit I needed so that I could test the new method. (Writing from May: I’m still working on it! Epic fail here. Sad face.)

Another thing that contributed to work blues is that I am still adapting to working in such a big department with many different personalities, compared to all my previous positions where the lab groups were small (always about 8 people including the boss) and close-knit. So sometimes people can act in ways I don’t expect, haven’t experienced before, or fully understand. If you’re affected by similar issues, the best solution is make sure you are doing lots of socialising outside of work (see below) and chat about non-work things or eat good food to take your mind off it! It worked for me!

Update on grants: One rejection from the Lundbeckfonden – my publications let the side down! One more on sports and exercise submitted to the Ministry of Culture. Fingers crossed!

Work is very rarely all bad. It’s like 98% awesome. The hospital had introduced a new computer system that will only affect those dealing with patients but once the takeover was complete, there was cake for all! Our department got three large Othello cakes! It was very indulgent! Ooh, and one of the medical secretaries had her birthday and she made romkugler – balls of chocolate cake soaked in rum! And spring arrived at the hospital! The crocuses were up!


Social calendar was busy as usual

Here are some highlights: A group of us from work went for some drinks in a really nice bar called Barking Dog that’s north of the lakes. They have fabulous service and you’ll be pretty guaranteed a seat as it’s a civilised relaxed bar, and they have nice beers and cocktails! It was good to hang out with small groups outside of work because we are a very multidisciplinary department, we all work very differently at work and rarely get time to get to know each other very well.

Work BFF hosted a civilised wine-tasting night at his house but of course it was more of a wine-drinking affair. It was very hyggelig and we had a great time. Another night in was hosted by a friend from my Danish class – a pizza and poker night. I’d never played poker before but we learnt on the night and with beginner’s luck, I managed to be not lose! Also, the pizzas were amazing!

Our RUBICON exchange student was really craving saucy ribs and I knew just the place to take her – Fedte Greven! Another restaurant I tried this month was the Chinese restaurant Magasasa in Amager, just before I moved from the old apartment. It’s not the best Chinese food ever but it was still pretty well done! Deffo going back there! The work BFF is always on some sort of health kick, he introduced me to California Kitchen, which was also highly recommended by the Californian ladies from my book club. They serve fancy looking bowls containing a healthy balance of grains and protein and vegetables.

My boyfriend came to visit and I made him help me move my most heavy items and I also made him cycle the 8.5 km journey to work with me on a Saturday but it’s okay, I rewarded him and myself with our favourite Halifax Burger! I definitely need to find a new exercise regime…


Weekend in London

My best friend who now lives in New York City came back home for her birthday so I made a short weekend trip to London to celebrate with her. We did some cultural stuff like go up the walkie talkie building (20 Fenchurch Street) to the Sky Garden terrace for a fancy lunch, then to the Tate Modern and then to the National Theatre on the Southbank!

So you see, it’s been a little bit rough. I’ve been beating myself up about lack of results but I’ve also managed to cheer myself up again with loads of fun!

Spoiler alert for April – also didn’t go quite as planned but all’s well.


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