Easter holidays in Australia

Easter holidays in Australia

The highlight of April was my Easter holidays! I spent the the majority of my annual leave down under, in Australia! Here are some photos for you to browse through.

Having fun with the locals
Having fun with the locals

Sunny days at the start

April started off with a beautiful sunny weekend with my besties from my Danish class (two of whom are now neighbours too) in Nørrebro and a cycle-gang trip a ceramics market at Absalon complete with smørrebrød lunch. Cycling is waaaay more fun with friends!

Right by my new home is the beautiful Bispebjerg Cemetery with its Cherry Blossom Alley in full bloom. One of my doctor PhD friends had said that I had to go there because they would not last til after my Easter holidays! Luckily I did because it was really pretty!


Photo story from Australia

Dandenong, Victoria


Melbourne, Victoria

Kuranda Rainforest, Queensland

Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Photo credit: Seastar Cruises
Photo credit: Seastar Cruises

*I didn’t risk my phone in the waterproof pouch I bought so no photos! But Seastar Cruises were brilliant and took photos of everyone on the tour.

Cairns, Queensland

Yarra Valley, Victoria

Twelve Apostles, Victoria

It’s a long way to Australia but I had so much fun and my friends who live there now were such brilliant hosts that I will definitely go back again!


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