A summer of changes

A summer of changes

Welcome to my long overdue summer update. It has been very busy. I mentioned in my last update post that there was more excitement I wanted to share. Well, what’s been keeping me so busy was that I had finally found an apartment! And you know what? It’s right by Amager beach!

Photo 18-06-2017, 1 37 26 pm
My new home (photo taken on the hottest day ever)

The big move

So in July and August I was mostly occupied with relocating once again from Nordvest back to Amager! I was lucky to have my super lovely friend from work to help me organise a moving van and lent a much needed helping hand!

Finding my own apartment also meant that my boyfriend and his cat could finally make the move to Copenhagen too. We packed most of our belongings in Manchester to be moved by a removal company we used when I left Cologne and I would recommend them as they’re really easy to communicate with and the pick-up and delivery people are very nice.

The cat travelled on the same SAS flight as us (yes, I am still boycotting Easyjet) but his travel was handled by Swissport International and cost more than our combined airfare! The poor kitty was a bit traumatised by the journey and didn’t like the disturbances caused by our Ikea furniture building either. He spent two days only finding comfort on top of the tumble dryer or inside the wardrobe. He’s now pretty settled in and happy again.

Last week we did the last bit of essential DIY, which was installing lights in the apartment. It was especially satisfying as that seasons have changed from summer to autumn and it’s getting dark earlier and earlier. What do you mean you had to install lights?! Like the German apartments we’ve experienced, the Danish ones also don’t come with light fixtures. So you have to buy a ceiling lamp pendant or floor lamp with a plug. We’re all settled in now and I am once again cycling a long way to work most days!


Summer in Copenhagen

Not a single day in July reached 25oC in Copenhagen! August felt worse. I have pictures to prove it! It was warm and very very humid. The unpredictable showers were a nightmare. One sunny afternoon I put my pillows out to air out Danish-style only to find them completely soaked by a passing shower that didn’t last more than a minute! In the end I had to wash and tumble dry them! Fail.

My friends from work and I reached peak ‘burger club’ goals in July – we visited two non-Halifax burger places and an Indian restaurant! We also managed many evenings with BBQs, dinners and long lunches with baijiu, a strong distilled Chinese alcohol. The one we had smelled of apples. Also, before I left Nordvest I was introduced to the new pizza restaurant Ugly Duck, which I would recommend if you want a tasty pizza and award-winning beers!


Summer in UK

One of my PhD friends got married this year! We travelled to Devon for her ‘hen do’, aka hen party (another term using by British people), bachelorette party for Americans, or polterabend in Danish and also in German. As well as standard hen do frivolities we also went kayaking with Reach Outdoors, which we would highly recommend! The wedding was so much fun and very colourful. I got to catch up and dance the whole night with my friends!

While I was in the UK, I tried to fit in as many opportunities to eat foods that I’d been missing! On the way back from the hen do we stopped off at a traditional pub with a large beer garden and I ordered the most amazing fish and chips! Anyone know where I can this in Copenhagen?


Didn’t just play hard, also worked hard, and it was worth it!

Before I moved I maximised the benefit of living so close to work and planned a few 24-hour workdays. I did this big experiment and honestly, it took 48 hours with all the long ultracentrifugation steps. I was knackered by the end of that experiment! The sunrise at the early time points always makes it a little better.

I also encountered some problems when I tried to make tissue-engineered tendons. I’ve been doing this for nearly 10 years and it suddenly stopped working. It took a few tries in my current lab and in the end we found out what the problem was. Now we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we’ve fixed this.

Before my annual leave I got to fly to my old work place at the Uniklinik in Cologne to collect some tendons with our collaborators. I also got to catch up with my old colleagues, eat a schnitzel and load my bag with packets of Bürger Maultaschen! And during my trip back to Manchester, I popped into uni for a piece of my old boss’s 60th birthday cake!

It was quite nice to come back after not working for three weeks to find out those long experiments worked and I had data to analyse! There were also revisions from submitted manuscripts, which were not as fun. Time for more experiments!


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