eLife Ambassadors: Plans for action

eLife Ambassadors: Plans for action

I’m going to branch out this year, as an eLife ambassador, to the ecrLife blog with my post-PhD career interviews. We’re still in the early stages and everyone is learning as we go, but I’m very excited to be spreading the positivity of doing a PhD in life sciences and letting you know about MORE careers options than just academia. Watch this space!


February saw eLife Ambassadors holding calls based around shared interests, including equality, reproducibility, preprints and peer review, funding opportunities, the Indian ECR community, transparency and careers and mentoring. The outcome was a series of action plans to address issues which are listed at the bottom of this post.

chloe From Twitter @ccstorytime: Enjoyed my first @eLifeCommunity ambassadors webinar yesterday. Looking forward to continuing helping you find a post-PhD career! Whether it be #academia #alternatecareer or #industry

Brief Updates

In other developments Ulrike Boehm and Sam Hindle attended the ASAPBio Meeting on Transparency, Recognition, and Innovation in Peer Review. It was a hugely successful event with influential players in scientific publishing, talks and discussion demonstrated a large appetite for change in the way science is shared and reported. A summary can be read here.

Several Ambassadors launched preprint journal clubs, including Ahmet Barkibas at UMass and Ed Emmott and…

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