Hi! I’m Chloé.

Here you’ll find stories of my adventures of how my life in Copenhagen pursuing an independent research career is going. The ups and the downs as well because you know, we don’t talk about our struggles enough and so it seems like science hates you only.

I see that a eLife has compiling a series of interviews with people who have done a PhD… Well, I have my own series of interviews right here on my blog! I interviewed 14 of my friends who did a PhD about why they stayed or left academia and for any tips they might have for people considering to do a PhD. I promise I will post updates about them soon!

I am in 2018’s group of eLife ambassadors! I’m still unsure what it will entail but it’s exciting to play an active role in improving science communication within our community of early-career researchers!

Updated 10 Jan 2018.