Belated update from March

Belated update from March

It’s May and I’ve finally got some time to give you my long overdue ​update from March! It was a hectic month and since then I have been able to catch up with most of my friends in person so the urgency for writing the update decreased over time. Still, it’s nice to show you some photos and tell you what’s been going down!

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March update postponed

The update on my adventures from March will have to be postponed a bit more! I’ve just moved apartments and I’m about to go on a long Easter holiday so I don’t have much time between settling into the new place and getting experiments done, grants in, conference applications and papers written at work. The update will get done!

Meanwhile, here’s a pic of a luxury hot cross bun from M&S on one of the hospital plates at work:

Hot cross bun

Mmm, gonna buy more of those! Have a good Easter everyone!